February 08 2017

2017 Quri Bowl Reviews the “MVPs” of In-Store Merchandising

While a battle on the gridiron took shape Sunday, February 5th, in Houston that will certainly go down as one for the ages, Quri was focused on the competitive action taking place in hundreds of stores across the country. This year in honor of the big game, Quri tracked the in-store merchandising performances of 11 different beer brands as they strove for perfect on-shelf availability and display excellence, all in the hopes of capturing sales during one of the biggest drive periods of the year.

We tracked merchandising conditions in 800 Walmart and Kroger stores for the 14 days ending Monday, February 6, 2017. The full list of brands tracked were Bud Light, Shock Top, Michelob Ultra, Samuel Adams, Modelo, Guinness, Fat Tire, Corona, Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada, and Miller Lite.

When it came to display location, Shock Top and Bud Light rose to the occasion to take MVP honors with 40% and 65% of their respective displays located outside the home aisle. Sam Adams and Bud Light scored major points for their overall display presence, with Sam on display in 27% of all stores and Bud Light on display in a whopping 93% of all stores. As for the number of displays per store, Bud Light and Blue Moon came through in the clutch, with 1.4 and 0.2 displays per store. And top honors for on-shelf availability went to Miller Lite and Blue Moon with stellar performances of 100% and 98%.

To see a more detailed view of the final results, go to http://bit.ly/2k3SmCL and download the eBook.


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