November 05 2015

$33.5 Billion Reasons To Join The Quri Academy


In the past decade, we’ve experienced a massive ramp in the volume, velocity, and variety of data available to us. Unfortunately this tidal wave of information has fundamentally failed to unlock insights and ROI at the point of purchase, exactly where we need it most.

Take trade spending alone, where according to POI and Gartner, we spend $200 billion annually. In this vital part of our world, we remain almost entirely blind to what is actually happening at the moment of truth.

With the rise of Retail Intelligence Technology and the launch of the Quri Academy, this is finally changing. 2016 is ushering in a new era for the CPG world. The only question is are you ready? With so many consumer and economic trends challenging brands today, it’s refreshing to see one working so strongly in our favor. A trend that allows us to put a dollar in, and see three, five, or $33.5 billion dollars come out.

This is a time to lean in, be intellectually curious, and champion a better way of doing business. Many of us will take action. Will you?

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