Get in-store insights to understand your promotion compliance
Imagine having photos and data from hundreds of Walmart stores to help you fully explain the "what just happened" in-store.

With Quri's Category Zoom portal you can:

  • Monitor your promotion compliance and ensure you're getting the execution you expect
  • Have an unbiased data source and tool to have more productive conversations with your buyer around display execution

Stop guessing what's happening in-stores and see for yourself.

The latest promotion for your brand's potato chips didn’t go as well as expected.

You go into the portal and view brand presence to investigate what happened in the potato chips subcategory the week of your promotion.

You were expecting closer to 70%, so now you can drill in to see if there was a problem with a certain region.

Now you can prepare for your conversation with your buyers in the North.

You can look into who might be stealing the category by investigating brand share.

Learn more about the quality of the displays that were executed by viewing display count.

In your free trial of Category Zoom, you’ll get:

  • Real-time display execution data including metrics such as: brand display presence, brand display share, display location, display type
  • Store-level photos to see first-hand what is happening in stores
  • Easy export functions on photos and charts to build presentations quickly
  • Access to the Category Zoom portal anytime, anywhere

Get store-level display photos and execution data for free for 60 days.

To get started, we only need your email address.  No credit card required.