Make the most out of your time in-stores
Save time by visiting only the stores where opportunities exist and know what needs to be done beforehand. Free up time from performing the "administrative" part of the store visit, so that you can spend time selling more product.

With Quri's Category Zoom portal you can:

  • Complete the promotion loop to fully explain "what just happened" by getting to see what happens at the end, in-store
  • Use data to fight for your brands' fair share of display and compare to competition
  • Have more productive conversations with your retailer

Get store-level details to better inform your in-store priorities

You have promotions running on 3 brands for this week and expect all to have 80% display presence. These 3 displays are top priority.

Looking at brand presence, you discover that 2 out of the 3 brands on average have over 80% display presence and one display presence is very low.

Viewing the store list, you can quickly view where propel displays were not found.

Download that list and share the photos to let your team know which stores they need to visit in the next 1-2 days.

In your free trial of Category Zoom, you’ll get:

  • Real-time display execution data including metrics such as: brand display presence, brand display share, display location, display type
  • Store-level photos to see first-hand what is happening in stores
  • Easy export functions on photos and charts to build presentations quickly
  • Access to the Category Zoom portal anytime, anywhere

Get store-level display photos and execution data for free for 60 days.

To get started, we only need your email address.  No credit card required.