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Trax Acquires Quri to Unlease the 'Power of the Crowd'


Quri is joining the Trax team, and together, we will continue on our mission to digitize the physical world of retail.

Quri Announces Partnership with Acosta to Revolutionize the In-Store Marketing Experience for the World's Leading Brands


New partnership with Acosta unlocks a dynamic merchandising capability that will revolutionize the in-store marketing experience for brands.

Popcorn and Pretzels Can Still Compete in Frito-Lay-Dominated Walmart


A look at merchandising dynamics within the salty snacks category at Walmart.

Quri Partners With BeMyEye, Europe's Leading Mobile Crowdsourcing Business to Extend Coverage Across the Atlantic


New partnership offers multinational CPG companies a standardized view of in-store merchandising.

Quri Was Chosen as a 2017 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner


Quri Was Chosen as a 2017 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner

Red Herring Announces Top 100 North America 2017 Finalists


Red Herring announces its 2017 North America finalists.

Marketers Struggle With Viewability IRL, Too


In today's digital age, marketing in real life is still major focus.

Peeps, Jelly Belly being out of stock at Walmart during Easter is 'significant issue' Quri says


For the Easter holiday, key candy brands like Peeps and Jelly Belly were not keeping up with consumer demand. Research done in hundreds of Walmart stores illuminates a problem many manufacturers continue to struggle with.

Quri looks at health, beauty merchandising at Target, Rite Aid during awards shows


Performance-driven merchandising company Quri recently shared the results of its study examining the importance of continuous in-store merchandising execution data in helping health and beauty brands drive increased return on investment during awards season.

If Amazon grocery shopping is going to catch on, shoppers have to change


There's one thing that every grocery store has to have in stock if it's going to make customers happy: convenience.

Amazon Go's Real Impact: An Innovation Map for CPG Merchandising


Much has been written and said about the recent Amazon Go announcement ranging from "the end of all retail jobs" to "a pipe dream that shopper's will reject..."

Data Analysis Shows Merchandising and Sales Opportunities for Beauty


In an analysis of in-store merchandising of 15 beauty brands across two retail chains, researchers at Quri found that there are opportunities for stores to be more strategic with products outside of where they are typically positioned.

Beauty's Award Season Fail: Merchandising Execution in Pharmacy and Mass


The quality of beauty merchandising execution varies from product category to product category, as well as from channel to channel, according to new data from Quri.

I Robotics, How much will technology change the in store experience?


This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, with technology dramatically reshaping how the food industry goes to market.

Amazon and other online retailers are doing away with checkout and other traditional features


When Inc. unveiled the video for its new Amazon Go convenience stores, many on Twitter felt they were getting a sneak peek into the future of stores.

Stern: Amazon Go could change the game


Amazon Go could be a game changer for food retailers, but whether it should be keeping them up at night will come down to how quickly Amazon can deploy it, according to Neil Stern, senior partner at McMillanDoolittle, Chicago.

Is Checkout-free a 'Go' for Amazon? PG Experts Weigh In


It had been a long time coming, but a change truly did come: e-commerce behemoth finally announced its entrance into brick-and-mortar grocery retailing via its new Amazon Go format, bringing about both excitement and skepticism from industry experts.

The Key Challenges to C-store Merchandising Excellence: Part 3


By now, you've significantly increased compliance with lessons from Part 1, optimized your point-of-purchase materials from lessons in Part 2, and you're now ready to capitalize on your success by winning the fight for checkout-area merchandising.

Quri Debuts 'Performance Driven Merchandising' Platform


San Francisco-based retail intelligence specialist Quri has launched 'Performance Driven Merchandising', a platform providing CPG manufacturers and brands with store-level data, software and services to improve merchandising and drive sales.

The Key Challenges to C-store Merchandising Excellence: Part 2


Convenience stores are growing faster than any other retail channel and now represent 40 percent of the growth opportunity in the U.S. market, according to both IRI and Nielsen. This is precious growth in an era of challenged economics, and unlocking this channel has become a vital, if not required, route to growth for many major consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers.

How an in-store merchandising platform can benefit manufacturers' top and bottom lines


Unsurprisingly, big data plays a major role in the operations of this new platform. This type of information has been a common thread in data analytics and technological developments aimed at making manufacturers more efficient and successful in product development, marketing and promotional campaigns.

Quri Launches Performance Driven Merchandising Platform


Quri has unveiled its Performance Driven Merchandising platform. The offering provides CPG manufacturers and brands routine, granular store-level data, software, and services to drive sales through better merchandising results both in and out of cycle.

The Key Challenges to C-store Merchandising Excellence: Part 1


Today's convenience stores present challenging environments in which to achieve merchandising excellence in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) retail world.

Solving The Retail Execution And Compliance Conundrum


How things "get done or don't get done”and the ability to know the difference has long separated winners from losers in retail.

Compliance and Beyond

For as long as there are products on brick-and-mortar store shelves, there will be troubles with planogram compliance, pricing, out-of-stocks and merchandising

In-store Analytics Steps Ups


It has always been challenging for grocers to differentiate their stores from competing banners. Because they stock largely the same products, the distinction between stores is blurred at best and nonexistent at worst.

Have a Winning Weather Strategy


Weather can be a friend or foe for supermarkets. A beautiful weekend forecast in the spring, summer or fall could drive shoppers to a store for an entertaining opportunity.

Wieners Bite in Merchandising Cull


Nobody's wishing they were an Oscar Meyer wiener these days if the results of a recent merchandising study are to be believed.

Smart Summer Merchandising Could Help Boost Sales by $775 Million Across Retail


As retailers across channels wrap up the summer selling season, results of a new survey by Quri show that adjustments made to merchandisers throughout the season could result in a 5% sales gain.

On-Shelf Availability Boosts Retailer ROI


According to new data from Quri, the "Summer of Merchandising" with keys to drive ROI ahead of Labor Day, merchandisers could see up to a 5% sales gain and close out the summer strong by making key adjustments.

Study Reveals Keys to Merchandising Success for Big Brands


A new merchandising study has yielded critical lessons that will give CPG marketers and their brands the keys to drive ROI ahead of Labor Day.

A multimillion lost opportunity: Confectioners and snack makers must keep items stocked, says Quri.


A multimillion lost opportunity: Confectioners and snack makers must keep items stocked, says Quri.

Measuring On-Shelf Availability (OSA) Key To Merchandising Success Ahead Of Labor Day


Properly defining and measuring on-shelf availability (OSA) by capturing a true shopper view of the shelf is vital to maintaining sales.

Quri Reveals Keys to Merchandising Success for Big Brands Ahead of Labor Day


Quri revealed critical lessons learned from its "Summer of Merchandising" data, giving brands the keys to drive ROI ahead of Labor Day.

Hotdogs Perform Worst in Merchandising Test


Hotdogs and sausages were hardest to spot out of 45 products on the shelves of supermarkets Walmart and Target, according to analytics firm Quri.

Three Lessons for Merchandising Success Ahead of Labor Day


Quri, a leader in Performance-Driven Merchandising, is announcing critical lessons learned from its Summer of Merchandising data, giving brands the keys to drive return on investment (ROI) ahead of Labor Day.

Aiming to be America’s Grocer


Target is doubling down its grocery efforts by remodeling stores, stressing perishables and listening to its “guests.”

What the Consumer Sees at Retail


There's often a gap between a brand's merchandising plan and its execution, and gaining a clear understanding of that discrepancy's impact on performance in real time is difficult.

Around 3% of Big Candy Brands in Walmart and Target Out of Stock, Says Quri


Merchandising specialist Quri has urged confectioners to ensure new items stay stocked on shelves throughout summer after discovering low availability for some top brands.

The Road To Restructuring


Sometimes the only way to meet internal and external demands is through fundamentally changing the business.

Quri: Major Suppliers Face Out of Stock Issues Ahead of Memorial Day


One the verge of an important Memorial Day weekend for beer sales, a number of the country’s top-selling brands aren’t on shelves at two of the country’s largest retailers.

Hot dog merchandising effectiveness measured


Analytics company Quri has launched a project to measure the success of performance driven merchandising for 14 food items, including hot dogs, across 1,000 Walmart and Target stores in the US.

Quri releases merchandising data from Easter power period


Quri, which offers In-Store Merchandising Intelligence, released the results from the in-store merchandising performance of beer, wine and spirits during the Easter shopping period.

Think Tank: When Data Begets Data


Trends come and go in the beauty business but one direction that keeps growing is the need to address smaller, more specific market segments.

The upside of restuarant and retail pop-ups


Restaurants, retailers and consumer brands are increasingly embracing the concept of the pop-up, temporary shops and eateries that offer an affordable way to introduce new products, try out innovative menu items and wow consumers with flashy new formats.

Consumer Packaged Goods Companies Are Foolishly Slow on Mobile Pay


The commerce game is increasingly being played on a mobile field and so consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies must invest in a mobile strategy and specifically a mobile payment strategy soon, before they miss the boat.

Never let the other fellow set the agenda


There was much anticipation by both consumers and retailers in South Texas in 1976 when Coors expanded. Coors had been available in N. Texas for about 10 years and was the largest selling brand in all those markets so it seemed it would be a slam dunk to do the same in the southern part of Texas.

Retailers Face Alcohol Stock Issues At Eastertime


In the beer, wine and spirits category, a problem once seen as being about promotional compliance turns out to have more to do with on-shelf availability.

Quri Releases Easter Merchandising Data For Adult Beverage Category


Quri, a retail analytics company, has released data and insights for the Easter “power period,” highlighting merchandising performance in the beer, wine and spirits categories.

Quri-Bowl Infographic


Quri has released the results of their first ever Quri-Bowl, harnessing the power of Retail Intelligence Technology to follow the merchandising presence of brands during the lead up to the big game.

The Next Evolution of Display Promotion Planning: Are You Ready?


In the past decade, the digital world accelerated the volume, velocity and variety of data at an incredible pace. While this tidal wave of data was somewhat helpful in digital commerce and advertising efforts, it failed to unlock substantial return on investment (ROI) at the point of purchase, exactly where we need it most.

Quri Examines Winning Brands of In-Store Super Bowl Merchandising


Quri has released the outcome of its first-ever Quri-Bowl Study, which examined brands that scored big on grocery shelves everywhere.

‘Quri-Bowl’ Recognizes Winning In-Store Big Games Merchandising


Quri, a market leader in retail intelligence technology, has released the results of its first-ever Quri-Bowl Study, congratulating the brands that “scored big” with Big Game display promotions at grocery stores.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Success


There has been an awful lot of red ink splashed across the financial pages in recent quarters, much of it coming from some of the biggest names in retailing.

Expert: How retailers can win in 2016


We've seen how data can be used on a campaign by campaign basis to target the right consumers, but one expert believes data can be used to strengthen brands' overall retail strategies.

Top 3 tips to use optimize data


Data optimization is not new to the online space, yet many brands and retailers continue to struggle to find the right combination of data and campaign strategy.

Quri to Help Brands Unlock $33.5 Billion in Sales from Promotion Planning Optimization


Retail intelligence technology company Quri unveils the Quri Academy, an industry education initiative for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers to help ease the adoption and accelerate the return on investment of Retail Intelligence Technology.

The Democratisation of Market Research


Technology means small brands can now access market research in a way that was previously confined to big brands argues Anthony Vinci.

Retail Intelligence Provider Quri Grabs Growth Funds


San Francisco-based Quri, which provides retail intelligence based on reports from mystery shoppers, has raised $17m in a Series C round of funding.

Funding Daily: Today’s tech funding news, in one place


Retail Intelligence Technology company Quri announced today that it closed its series C round with $17 million in its pocket.

Term Sheet -- Wednesday, October 14


Quri, a San Francisco-based provider of retail technology intelligence solutions, has raised $17 million in Series C funding.

Secrets Revealed for Effective In-Store Displays


POPAI, the Global Association for Marketing at Retail, and Quri, a provider of retail analytics and insights, revealed the findings of the Compliance Initiative yesterday at the POPAI Industry Leadership Conference in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Quri Launches Tool to Analyze and Measure Promotions


Quri Inc., a retail intelligence solutions provider for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, announces the launch of IMPACT, a performance tool that combines real-time sales data with Quri’s in-store conditions data to enable managers to analyze and oversee their in-store promotions.

Quri launches Impact to help advertisers measure if the billions spent on in-store ads are working


It’s shocking, in this day and age, how little visibility many advertisers have into their campaigns.

Army Of Consumers Get Paid To Snap Smartphone Pics In Stores


Sure, companies might pay retailers for favorable placement or fancy displays for their products, but how do they know whether those ads are working or the displays are set up as requested?

Quri Experiences Six-Fold Revenue Growth, Expands Management Team


Quri, a retail intelligence solution provider, has increased its revenue six-fold between the first half of 2013 and first half of 2014, and has doubled revenue from Q1 2014 to Q2 2014.


Chicago - It's a problem seemingly out of the control of comsumer packaged goods companies: a promotion's impact is minimized by lack of store-level execution.

Driving Past Multi-billion Dollar In-store Execution Errors


Retail execution is one of the most complex, labor-intensive operations in our consumer economy. Millions of items are touched multiple times on the way from the plant to the shelf every day across the U.S. and worldwide.

Tyson Foods Taps Analytics To Improve Retailer Relationships, Boost Sales


CPG brands rely on their retailer partners to help drive awareness, sales and customer loyalty.

Moosejaw is 98% certain you want that parka


We’ve all heard the phrase “big data” so much in recent years that the words have ceased to convey much meaning. But to hear specialty retailer Moosejaw talk about its use of software from AgilOne is to understand why there’s so much hype around it.

How Big Data Can Save In-Store Promotions


Retail brands spend more than $600 billion annually on in-store promotions, merchandising and marketing.


A company tapping into the power of a distributed mobile workforce is Quri, a retailer analytics and intelligence company whose software has been adopted by half of the top twenty-five CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands around the world, including Tyson, Nestle, Dannon, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and others.

Quri helps consumer brands and retailers recover billions in lost revenue


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Oct. 2, 2013 - Retail brands invest more than $600 billion annually on in-store promotions merchandising and shopper marketing but are losing billions in potential revenue from out-of-stock items, poorly executed displays and incorrect pricing.

Quri Named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 15, 2013 – Quri Inc., a retail intelligence company that provides
on-shelf visibility and insights to CPG brands, today announced that Quri was recognized as a
“Cool Vendor” in Gartner Inc.’s “Cool Vendors in Consumer Goods, April 23, 2013” report,
authored by analysts Don Scheibenreif and Dale Hagemeyer.

Quri Attacks $600 Billion Retail Blindspot with QCard


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 13, 2013 – Each year, consumer brands spend over $600 billion
influencing shoppers in stores, with no way of quantifying the impact of their efforts until now.

Secret Shopping Platform Quri Launches QCard for Ongoing In-Store Intelligence


Today, San Francisco-based Quri, a secret shopper platform that pays consumers to perform “shifts” of work that range from snapping a few photos to answering questions about in-store details, announced the launch of QCard, a real-time product measurement service.

Quri Unveils QCard Solution To Track Product Performance


San Francisco mobile start-up, Quri, announced the launch of QCard, a tool which provides brands access to in-store performance and execution of products and promotions. In addition, the solution analyzes details about the shelf life of each SKU.

Apps Are Creating New Jobs


A year ago, Ashley Diedrich worked 12-hour shifts at a psychiatric hospital near her home in Hot Springs, Ark., making $1,700 to $2,000 a month. Today she makes as much as $3,000 a month peddling women's clothing and accessories from home.

Help Wanted: Moonlighters for Mobile Apps


You know that using your smartphone costs money, but did you know it can help you make money?

New Quri App Pays You to Check Store Displays


What if you could get paid every time you enter a store for your regular shopping trip? Whether you’re tending to your weekly grocery list, buying a new outfit for an event, gassing up the car, or even placing an order for your favorite morning coffee drink, you could be earning money in the course of your regular daily activities.

Quri taps app for mystery shopper recruitment


US— A San Francisco-based company called Quri is looking to build an army of mystery shoppers through its new mobile app, EasyShift.

Quri Assembles Mobile Army Of In-Store Auditors


Much of the discussion about the role of smartphones at retail involves tales of “showrooming” or customer poaching as consumers arm themselves with a new class of mobile shopping weaponry.

D10 Video: Quri Demo


Grocery shopping and buying household items can be hard on the wallet, but there's a way to make some of that money back. And it's not through extreme couponing. Today at the 10th annual D: All Things Digital conference, San Francisco-based company Quri launched its secret shopper app and analytics tool for consumer product brands and retailers.

Quri App Pays You to Be a Secret Shopper


Today at the 10th annual D: All Things Digital conference, San Francisco-based company Quri launched its secret shopper app and analytics tool for consumer product brands and retailers.

Quri app lets you make money while you shop


A San Francisco start-up called Quri wants to help consumers "monetize everyday experiences," in the words of co-CEO John Mecklenburg. At the All Things Digital conference, Quri unveiled EasyShift, a free iPhone app and cloud-based analytics application that helps deliver real-time retail intelligence for brands while earning shoppers a few bucks.

EasyShift takes on GigWalk with new task marketplace


PALOS VERDES, Calif.--Focus. EasyShift has it. This new service, launching today at the D10 conference from Quri, is a crowdsource labor system, most reminiscent of GigWalk, but with a uniquely narrow purpose: it helps consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies make sure their in-store displays and programs are running they way they should

Quri App Pays Shoppers for In-Store Intel


Participation in the EasyShift network, as Quri calls their shopping mavens, is open to all and once a user signs-up, they immediately see assignments, a.k.a. literally working “Shifts,”in their neighborhood.

Quri: Startup Wants To Pay You To Take Pics While You Shop


In the latest example of the growing fragmentation of the world of work, a new company called Quri is offering to pay shoppers for collecting pictures and other data while they shop in supermarkets, drug stores and other retail outlets.

An app that pays you money to go to the store


The company is here at the D: All Things Digital conference to unveil what co-founder Justin Behar said is the way Quri will make money – the company’s technology that will provide instant data that brands can use to more quickly determine if a promotional product is being displayed and sold effectively.

Quri Wants to Pay You to Check Store Displays


Brands spend hundreds of billions of dollars on trade marketing every year, much of it on in-store displays and promotions.


San Francisco-based Quri, formerly called Wiseview, is opening up its app nationwide today; it enables people to earn money by snapping pictures of in-store displays and checking on product availability on behalf of consumer product brands.

Quri Deploys Nationwide Network of Shoppers to Deliver Real-Time In-Store Intelligence for Brands


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (May 30, 2012) – Quri, the company that is enabling a real-time, in-store
intelligence platform for brands and retailers, today unveiled its smartphone app and cloud-based
analytics application.


Thousands of mobile shoppers are creating a network of individual focus groups for brands and retailers nationwide through EasyShift, a smartphone and cloud-based analytics app from Quri.