April 05 2017

Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) Releases White Paper Citing Quri as a Leader in the Evolution of Crowdsourcing

The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI), the leading resource for trade marketing and merchandising executives, last week released a new white paper entitled “The Evolution of Crowdsourcing: Rise of Performance Driven Merchandising.”  The white paper discusses how crowdsourcing now provides manufacturers and retailers store-level visibility into merchandising conditions.  The study substantiates the need for continuous, real-time access to this new set of data across all major channels and retailers — as achieved by Quri’s solution.


POI’s white paper also notes the broad level of dissatisfaction across consumer goods manufacturers when it comes to their ability to execute at retail.  They found that nearly half of the manufacturers they surveyed said the don’t have what they need to make decisions at a store level.  They go on to note that crowdsourcing enhances the abilities of the existing field labor resources by focusing them against areas of greatest return.  Additionally, this eliminates the need for these resources to waste precious time in-store collecting data, instead allowing them to concentrate on execution.  POI cites Quri as a market leader in the application of crowdsourcing, having evolved its use to enable the achievement of continuous improvement in merchandising, or Performance Driven Merchandising.


The white paper lays out the benefits of Performance Driven Merchandising as it relates to field labor optimization, and the key steps to “doing it right.”  It also provides a case study pulled from the adult beverage industry highlighting the steps taken with Quri to drive display compliance and display share over direct competition.


To download POI’s white paper, click here.