June 21 2017

Quri’s Merchandising Matters is Providing Guidance on In-Store Metrics at Major U.S. Retailers


Back in April 2017, we launched the first in a series of our Merchandising Matters guides. These guides are meant to provide you with some important in-store merchandising benchmarks that can 1) help you understand how your brands compare to the competition and 2) give you some practical tips to help improve execution and merchandising planning.


We cover metrics such as display compliance, on-shelf availability, most frequently used display types, and many more. Understanding the profile your retailer’s merchandising habits can help shape your merchandising plan for maximum results.


Over the last several years, we have completed over 2,000,000 store visits in various retailers across the country. Using that bank of data, we wanted to share our findings by retailer.


To date, we have looked at Walmart and Kroger, which you can find in the “Resources” section of our website. In upcoming months, we’ll be taking a look at Target, CVS, and many more.